KIA Niro: Closing the fuel filler door


  1. Turn the fuel tank cap (2) clockwise until it "clicks".
  2. Press the rear center edge to close the fuel filler door (1).
  3. Ensure all the doors and the fuel filler door are locked.


Automotive fuels are flammable materials.

When refueling, please note the following guidelines carefully. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in severe personal injury, severe burns or death by fire or explosion.

  • Read and follow all warnings posted at the gas station.
  • Before refueling, note the location of the Emergency Gasoline Shut-Off, if available, at the gas station.
  • Before touching the fuel nozzle, you should eliminate the potential buildup of static electricity by touching a metal part of the vehicle, a safe distance away from the fuel filler neck, nozzle, or other gas source, with your bare hand.
  • Do not use cellular phones while refueling.

    Electric current and/or electronic interference from cellular phones can potentially ignite fuel vapors and cause a fire.

  • Do not get back into a vehicle once you have begun refueling. You can generate a build-up of static electricity by touching, rubbing or sliding against any item or fabric capable of producing static electricity. Static electricity discharge can ignite fuel vapors causing a fire. If you must re-enter the vehicle, you should once again eliminate potentially dangerous static electricity discharge by touching a metal part of the vehicle, away from the fuel filler neck, nozzle or other gasoline source, with your bare hand.
  • When refueling, always shift the gear to the P (Park) position, set the parking brake, and place the ignition switch or ENGINE START/STOP button to the LOCK/OFF position.
  • Sparks produced by electrical components related to the engine can ignite fuel vapors causing a fire.
  • When using an approved portable fuel container, be sure to place the container on the ground prior to refueling.

    Static electricity discharge from the container can ignite fuel vapors causing a fire. Once refueling has begun, contact between your bare hand and the vehicle should be maintained until the filling is complete.

  • Use only approved portable plastic fuel containers designed to carry and store gasoline.
  • Do not over-fill or top-off your vehicle tank, which can cause gasoline spillage.
  • If a fire breaks out during refueling, leave the vicinity of the vehicle, and immediately contact the manager of the gas station and then contact the local fire department. Follow any safety instructions they provide.
  • If pressurized fuel sprays out, it can cover your clothes or skin and thus subject you to the risk of fire and burns. Always remove the fuel cap carefully and slowly. If the cap is venting fuel or if you hear a hissing sound, wait until the condition stops before completely removing the cap.
  • Always check that the fuel cap is installed securely to prevent fuel spillage in the event of an accident.
  • In case of using EV drive mode for a certain time without running engine, EMM (Engine Maintenance Mode) will automatically activate by the system to protect the fuel system and the engine.

    Therefore, even though if it is possible to use EV drive mode with enough battery power, the engine may run by the system to protect fuel system and the engine.

    If you leave the fuel without refueling or using for over 6 months, the remained fuel in the fuel system may be deteriorated. From this corrosion or blocking problem may occur.

    It is recommended using minimum 40 % of remained fuel at least every 6 months by selecting Hybrid (CS) mode and refuel the vehicle with new fuel.


Keep the door into LOCK position when the vehicle is being washed (i.e. high pressure washer, automatic car washer, etc.)


  • Make the vehicle door to LOCK position when the fuel filler door is completely closed in order to lock the fuel filler door. If the fuel filler door is not completely closed, the fuel filler door will not be locked.
  • Make sure to refuel your vehicle according to the fuel requirements.
  • Do not spill fuel on the exterior surfaces of the vehicle. Any type of fuel spilled on painted surfaces may damage the paint.
  • If the fuel filler cap requires replacement, use only Kia Genuine Parts or those of an equivalent standard for your vehicle. An incorrect fuel filler cap can result in a serious malfunction of the fuel system or emission control system.
  • After refueling, make sure the fuel cap is installed securely to prevent fuel spillage in the event of an accident.


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