KIA Niro: Front trunk (Kia Niro EV)

Opening the front trunk

Opening the front trunk

  1. Front trunk lever
  2. Open the hood.
  3. Lift up the front trunk cover while depressing the front trunk lever (1).

Closing the front trunk

Push down the front trunk cover.


Available front trunk weight: 10 kg (25 lbs.)


  • NEVER make an attempt to get inside the front trunk. It will cause a fatal injury.
  • Before closing the hood, ensure all obstructions are removed from around the hood opening. The hood will rise up or move down automatically if the height is not firmly adjusted. Be aware of the damage caused by the unintended hood movements.
  • These items may catch fire and/or explode if the vehicle is exposed to hot temperatures for extended periods.


  • Do not exceed the luggage volume capacity of the front trunk. The overweighted front trunk can be severely damaged.
  • Do not store the fragile objects in the front trunk.
  • Always keep the front trunk cover closed securely while driving. Items inside your vehicle are moving as fast as the vehicle. If you have to stop or turn quickly, or if there is a crash, the items can be damaged.
  • Do not spray water in the front trunk.

    Vehicle driving system may get damaged since the front trunk is located at the center of motor compartment.

  • Be careful when you store any liquid in the front trunk. If liquid leak outside the front trunk, it will cause a damage to the electric devices in the motor compartment.
  • Do not press the front trunk cover or place the objects on the front trunk cover. It may be deformed or damaged.
  • When closing the front trunk cover, be careful not to touch objects inside the trunk. Loaded objects or the front trunk may be deformed or damaged and the front trunk cover may be opened during driving due to poor closing, resulting in joints and damage.


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