KIA Niro: Climate control system


 Climate control system components

A: Outside air B: Recirculated air C: Climate control air filter D: Blower E: Evaporator core F: Heater core The climate control air filter installed behind the glove box filters the dust or other pollutants that come into the v

 Air conditioning refrigerant label

Example Type A Example Type B Classification of refrigerant Amount of refrigerant Classification of Compressor lubricant Caution Flammable Refrigerant Registered technician to service Air Conditioning system Service manual

 Automatic climate control system

Kia NIRO Hybrid Type A Type B Driver's temperature control knob Passenger's temperature control knob AUTO (automatic control) button OFF button Fan speed control button Mode selection button Front windshield defroster bu


 Servicing The Electrical System

Prior to servicing the electrical system, be sure to turn off the ignition switch and disconnect the battery ground cable. Warning In the course of MFI or ELC system diagnosis, when the battery cable is removed, any diagnostic trouble

 Engine compartment (Kia Niro Hybrid only)

Smartstream G1.6 GDi HEV Smartstream G1.6 GDi PHEV Engine coolant reservoir Brake fluid reservoir Air cleaner Engine oil filler cap Engine oil dipstick Windshield washer fluid reservoir Fuse box Inverter coolant reservoir