KIA Niro: Connector Inspection Procedure

  1. Handling of Connector


  1. Never pull on the wiring harness when disconnecting connectors.

  1. When removing the connector with a latch, press or pull locking lever.

  1. Listen for a click when locking connectors. This sound indicates that they are securely locked

  1. When a tester is used to check for continuity, or to measure voltage, always insert tester probe from wire harness side.

  1. Check waterproof connector terminals from the connector side. Waterproof connectors cannot be accessed from harness side.



  • Use a fine wire to prevent damaging the terminal.
  • Do not damage the terminal when inserting the tester lead.
  1. Checking Point for Connector
  1. While the connector is connected: Hold the connector, and check connecting condition and locking efficiency.
  2. When the connector is disconnected: Check for missing terminal, crimped terminal or broken core wire by lightly pulling the wire harness.

    Visually check for rust, contamination, deformation and bending.

  3. Check terminal tightening condition: Insert a spare male terminal into a female terminal, and then check terminal tightening conditions.
  4. Pull lightly on individual wires to ensure that each wire is secured in the terminal.

  1. Connector Terminal Repairing Method
  1. Clean the contact points using air gun and/or shop rag.


Never use sand paper when polishing the contact points, otherwise the contact point may be damaged.

  1. In case of abnormal contact pressure, replace the female terminal.

Wire Harness Inspection Procedure

  1. Before removing the wire harness, check the wire harness position and crimping in order to restore it correctly.
  2. Check for twisted, pulled or loose wire harness.
  3. Check if the temperature of the wire harness is abnormally high.
  4. Check for rotating, moving or vibrating wire harness against the sharp edge of a part.
  5. Check the connection between the wire harness and any installed part.
  6. If the covering of wire harness is damaged; secure, repair or replace the harness.


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