KIA Niro: Crankshaft

  1. Check the crankshaft bearing oil clearance.

(1) To check main bearing-to-journal oil clearance, remove the lower crankcase and lower bearings.

(2) Clean each main journal and bearing with a clean shop towel.

(3) Place one strip of plastigage across each main journal.

(4) Reinstall the lower crankcase and lower bearings, and then tighten the main bolts.

Tightening torque : (17.7 - 21.6 N*m (1.8 - 2.2 kgf*m, 13.0 - 15.9 lb*ft) + (88 - 92º)



  • Always use new crankshaft main bearing cap bolts. Crankshaft main bearing cap bolts are torque-toyield bolts designed to be permanently elongated beyond the state of elasticity when torqued. Reusing
    the removed bolts can cause the bolts to break or fail to maintain clamping force.
  • Do not turn the crankshaft.

(5) Remove the lower crankcase and lower bearings.

(6) Measure the width of the plastigage at its widest point.

Oil clearance :

Standard :
0.006 - 0.024 mm (0.0002 - 0.0009 in)

Limit :
0.018 - 0.044 mm (0.0007 - 0.0017 in.)

(7) If the plastigage measures too wide or too narrow, remove the upper and

(7) If the plastigage measures too wide or too narrow, remove the upper and lower bearing and then install a new bearings with the same color mark. Recheck the oil clearance.


Do not file, shim, or scrape the bearings or the caps to adjust clearance.

(8) If the plastigage shows the clearance is still incorrect, try the next larger or smaller bearing. Recheck the oil clearance.


  • If the proper clearance cannot be obtained by using the appropriate larger or smaller bearings, replace the crankshaft and start over.
  • If the marks are indecipherable due to an accumulation of dirt and dust, clean with solvent or detergent instead of scrubbing them with a wire brush or scraper.


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