KIA Niro: Emergency commodity

Fire extinguisher

If there is small fire and you know how to use the fire extinguisher, follow these steps carefully.

  1. Pull out the safety pin at the top of the extinguisher that keeps the handle from being accidentally pressed.
  2.  Aim the nozzle towards the base of the fire.
  3.  Stand approximately 2.5 m (8 ft) away from the fire and squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguisher. If you release the handle, the discharge will stop.
  4. Sweep the nozzle back and for that the base of the fire. After the fire appears to be out, watch carefully since it may re-ignite.

First-aid kit

Scissors, bandages, adhesive tape, etc.

are provided in the kit.

Reflector triangle

Place the Reflector triangle on the road to warn oncoming vehicles.

Tire pressure gauge

  1. Unscrew the inflation valve cap.
  2. Press and hold the gauge against the tire valve.
  3. Pressing firmly will activate the gauge and avoid too much leak.
  4. Adjust the inflation of the tires to the specified pressure, as necessary.
  5. Reinstall the inflation valve cap.


  • When an accident occur, park the vehicle to a safe place. To avoid the leak of electricity in high voltage battery, turn the vehicle off and pull the yellow label in the high voltage battery switch to shut down the high voltage battery. Also, disconnect the auxiliary battery(12V) cable to shutdown.

    Be sure to disconnect both (+)cable and (-) cable.

  • Do not touch the exposed electric wires. Do not touch high voltage wires (orange), connectors and other electric components.
  • When an accident occur, the lethal gas and fluid from damaged high voltage battery can be leaked. Be aware not to touch or exposed to the gas and fluid. When flammable or poison gas leak inside the vehicle, open windows and evacuate to a safe place.

    When leaked fluid comes in contact with your eyes, flush your eyes with clean water. When the fluid contacts with your skin, wash it with salt water.

    Get immediate medical attention afterward.

  • When the vehicle is flooded, immediately turn the vehicle off and evacuate to a safe place. For your safety we recommend to call the fire station and or visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.
  • When the fire spread to the high voltage battery, the additional fire may occur. In this situation, be sure to accompany a fire truck when the vehicle is being towed.


     Pan-European eCall system

     Description of the ecall in-vehicle system

    Road accident Wireless network Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Rescue The car is equipped with a device*1 connected with the Pan-European eCall system for making emergency call to response teams. The Pan- European eCall syste

     Information on data processing

    Any processing of personal data through the 112-based eCall in-vehicle system shall comply with the personal data protection rules provided for in Directives 95/46/EC (1) and 2002/58/EC (2) of the European Parliament and of the Council, and in


     Washers (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

    Controlling washers Type A Type B Type C Operation Move the wiper speed control switch to / position. Pull/push the lever to spray washer fluid on the windshield. The wipers run several times. WARNING Do not use the washe

     Limitations of Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist

    Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist may not operate properly, or it may operate unexpectedly under the following circumstances: Departing from where trees or grass are overgrown Departing from where roads are wet Speed of the a