KIA Niro: Pan-European eCall system


 Description of the ecall in-vehicle system

Road accident Wireless network Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Rescue The car is equipped with a device*1 connected with the Pan-European eCall system for making emergency call to response teams. The Pan- European eCall syste

 Information on data processing

Any processing of personal data through the 112-based eCall in-vehicle system shall comply with the personal data protection rules provided for in Directives 95/46/EC (1) and 2002/58/EC (2) of the European Parliament and of the Council, and in

 Pan-European eCall System

Elements of the Pan-European eCall system, installed in passenger compartment: Microphone SOS button LED SOS button: the driver/passenger makes an emergency call to the single duty dispatch service by pressing the button. LED: Th


 Air bag non-inflation conditions

WARNING The SRS is designed to deploy the front air bags only when an impact is sufficiently severe and when the impact angle is less than 30 from the forward longitudinal axis of the vehicle. Front air bags are not intended to

 Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA)

Intelligent Speed Limit Assist uses information from the detected road sign and navigation system to inform the driver of the speed limit and additional information of the current road. Also, Intelligent Speed Limit Assist helps the driver to m