KIA Niro: Emergency starting


 Before jump starting (for hybrid vehicle) (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

This vehicle does not have a regular 12V battery that needs periodic replacement. It is lithium ion polymer type integrated into the HEV high voltage battery. The vehicle has a 12V battery protection system that cuts 12V battery from vehicle

 Jump-starting (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

Condition(s) When the vehicle will not start due to low battery power, you may need to jump start the vehicle. Operation Turn off all unnecessary electrical loads. Make sure the booster battery is 12- volt and that its negati

 Jump-starting (12V battery) (Kia Niro EV)

Jump-starting (12V battery) Condition(s) When the vehicle will not start due to low battery power Operation Connect the jumper cables as shown. Positive (+) terminal of the flat battery (1) and the booster battery (2). Neg


 Brake fluid

Checking brake fluid level (Kia NIRO Hybrid) Checking brake fluid level (Kia Niro EV) Operation Clean the area around the reservoir cap. Periodically check that the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir is between MIN and MAX

 Muffler Repair procedures

Muffler Components and components location Components Front muffler GPF Center muffler Rear muffler Gasket Rubber hanger Muffler Repair procedures Removal and Installation Front Muffler Disconnect the heated oxygen sensor