KIA Niro: Head-Up Display (HUD)

The Head-Up Display is a transparent display that projects an image of certain information from the instrument cluster and navigation system on the windshield glass.

Head-Up Display (HUD)

  • The head up display image on the HUD screen may be invisible when:
  • Sitting posture is bad.
  • Wearing a polarized sunglasses.
  • There is an object on the cover of the head up display.
  • Driving on a wet road.
  • An inadequate lighting is turned on inside the vehicle.
  • Any light comes from the outside.
  • Wearing an inadequate glasses to your eyesight.
  • If the head up display image is not shown well, adjust the height, rotation or illumination of the head up display in the LCD display.
  • When the head up display needs inspection or repair, Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.


Head-Up Display

  • Do not make the front windshield glass have window tint or other types of metallic coating. Otherwise, the Head-Up Display image may be invisible.
  • Do not place any accessories on the crash pad or attach any objects on the windshield glass.
  • As Blind-Spot Collision Warning is a supplemental device for your safe driving, it may be dangerous to rely on only the BCW information of the Head-Up Display image when changing the lane. Always pay attention to drive safely.


When replacing the front windshield glass of the vehicles equipped with the Head-Up Display, replace it with a windshield glass designed for the Head-Up Display operation. Otherwise, duplicated images may be displayed on the windshield glass.

Head Up Display Information

Head Up Display Information

  1. Turn By Turn navigation information (if equipped)
  2. Road signs
  3. Speedometer
  4. SCC set speed information (if equipped)
  5. SCC vehicle distance information (if equipped)
  6. Lane Following Assist information (if equipped)
  7. Lane Safety information (if equipped)
  8. Blind-Spot Safety information (if equipped)
  9. Highway Driving Assist information (if equipped)
  10.  Highway Auto Speed Change information (if equipped)
  11. Surrounding vehicle information


Road Signs and Turn By Turn navigation information are available depending on the region.

Head-Up Display Setting

On the LCD display, you can change the head up display settings as follows.

* For more details, refer to "User settings mode"



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