KIA Niro: Opening the fuel filler door (Plug-in hybrid vehicle)

  1. Stop the engine. To open the fuel filler door, push the fuel filler door opener button.

Opening the fuel filler door (Plug-in hybrid vehicle)

  1. Wait until the fuel tank is depressurized.

    The message is displayed when the fuel filler door unlocks after the fuel tank is depressurized.

Opening the fuel filler door (Plug-in hybrid vehicle)

A: Unlocking fuel door

  1. The fuel door is unlocked when the message is displayed.

Opening the fuel filler door (Plug-in hybrid vehicle)

A: Fuel door unlocked

  1. When the fuel door is open, a message is displayed.

Opening the fuel filler door (Plug-in hybrid vehicle)

Opening the fuel filler door (Plug-in hybrid vehicle)

A: Fuel door open

  1. Pull open the fuel filler door (1).

    To remove the cap, turn the fuel filler cap (2) counterclockwise.

    Refuel as needed.

Opening the fuel filler door (Plug-in hybrid vehicle)


  • It may take up to 20 seconds to unlock fuel filler door.
  • If the fuel filler door does not open because ice has formed around it, tap lightly or push on the door to break the ice and release the door.
  • Do not pry on the door. If necessary, spray around the door with an approved de-icer fluid (do not use radiator anti-freeze) or move the vehicle to a warm place and allow the ice to melt.


Before refueling, be sure to check what type of fuel is used for your vehicle. If you put diesel fuel into a gasoline-powered vehicle or gasoline into a dieselpowered vehicle, it may affect the fuel system and cause serious damage to the vehicle.


  • Add fuel into the fuel tank within 20 minutes after opening the fuel filler door. After 20 minutes, the fuel tank may shut off, causing fuel to overflow.

    In this case, re-press the fuel filler door opening button.

  • Do not leave the fuel filler door opened for an extended period of time. It may discharge the battery.
  • Close the fuel filler door after fueling the vehicle. If you start the vehicle with the fuel filler door opened, "Check fuel door" message appears on the LCD display.
  • Avoid refueling the vehicle while charging the (high-voltage) hybrid battery. It may cause a fire or an explosion due to static electricity.


     Closing the fuel filler door

    Operation Turn the fuel tank cap (2) clockwise until it "clicks". Press the rear center edge to close the fuel filler door (1). Ensure all the doors and the fuel filler door are locked. WARNING Automotive fuels are flammab

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    Check the condition and connections of all the cooling system hoses and heater hoses. Replace any swollen or deteriorated hoses. The coolant level should be filled between the MAX or F and the MIN or L marks on the side of the coolant reser