KIA Niro: Road warning

When in an emergency situation occurs while driving or when you park by the edge of the roadway, you must alert approaching or passing vehicles to be careful as they pass. For this, you should use the hazard warning flasher.

Hazard warning flasher

The hazard warning flasher serves as a warning to other drivers to exercise extreme caution when approaching, overtaking, or passing your vehicle.

Hazard warning flasher


  • When in an emergency situation occurs while driving
  • Parking by the edge of the roadway


  • Push the hazard warning flasher switch.


  • The hazard warning flasher operates whether your vehicle is running or not.
  • The turn signals do not work when the hazard flasher is on.
  • Care must be taken when using the hazard warning flasher while the vehicle is being towed.


     In the event of an emergency while driving

    If the vehicle stalls while driving Operation Reduce the speed and keep a straight line. Stop the vehicle to a safe place. Turn the hazard warning flasher on. Start the vehicle again. If the engine still does not start, contact a pro

     Emergency starting

     Before jump starting (for hybrid vehicle) (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

    This vehicle does not have a regular 12V battery that needs periodic replacement. It is lithium ion polymer type integrated into the HEV high voltage battery. The vehicle has a 12V battery protection system that cuts 12V battery from vehicle


     Safety precautions for electric vehicle

    If an accident occurs If towing is required, tow the vehicle with a flatbed equipment or dollies with all wheels off the ground. Dollies If you must tow the vehicle using only two wheels, lift the rear wheels off the ground an

     Identification Number Locations

    Identification Numbers Identification Number Description Vehicle Identification Number World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) KNA : Passenger vehicle, MPV(Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle)/SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle)/RV(Recreational