KIA Niro: AC charger

AC Charger
AC Charger

AC charger cable
AC charger cable

You can charge your vehicle by plugging into a public charger at a charging station.

How to connect AC charger

How to connect AC charger

  1. Depress the brake pedal and apply the parking brake.
  2.  Turn OFF all switches, move the shift dial to P (Park), and turn OFF the vehicle.
  3. Open the charging inlet door by pressing edge of the charging inlet door.
  4. Remove any dust on the charging connector and charging inlet.
  5. Hold the charging connector handle.

How to connect AC charger

Then, insert the charger into the charging inlet, until you hear a click sound. If it is not fully connected, a bad connection between the charging connector and the charging terminals may cause a fire.

  1. Check if the charging cable connection indicator( ) of the high voltage battery in the instrument cluster is turned ON.

    Charging does not occur when the indicator is OFF. When the charging connector is not connected properly, reconnect the charging cable to charge.


  • The charging is in progress only with the shift dial is in P (Park). Charging the battery with the ENGINE START/ STOP button in the ACC position is possible. However, it may discharge the 12V battery. Thus, if possible, charge the battery with the ENGINE START/STOP button in the OFF position.
  • Moving the shift dial from P (Park) to R (Reverse)/N (Neutral)/D (Drive) stops the charging process. To restart the charging process, move the shift dial to P (Park), press the ENGINE START/STOP button to the OFF position, and disconnect the charging cable. Then, connect the charging cable.

Charging connector lock mode

When the charging connector is plugged into the charging inlet, the connector lock timing varies with the modes selected by the user settings menu or the infotainment screen menu.

  • Always lock: The connector locks when the charging connector is plugged into the charging inlet.
  • Lock while charging: The connector locks when charging starts. The connector unlocks when charging is completed.

For more details, refer to "AC charging connector lock"


     Trickle charger (portable charging cable)

    Trickle charger can be used if AC Charger is unavailable. Plug and cable Control box (ICCB) Charging connector/cable How to connect portable charger (ICCB: In-Cable Control Box) Connect the plug to a household electric outlet.

     Charging cable storage (if equipped)

    We recommend that the trickle charger cable should be put in the storage box after use. Charging status indicator lamp for portable charger Status/Diagnosis/Countermeasure Charging connector plugged into vehicle (POWER Green

     How to disconnect charging connector in emergency

    Before disconnecting the charging connector, make sure the doors are unlocked. When the door is locked, the charging connector lock system will not allow disconnection. To prevent charging cable theft, the charging connector cannot be


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