KIA Niro: Brake Line

Brake Line Components and components location



  1. Disconnect the brake fluid level switch connector, and remove the reservoir cap.
  2. Remove the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir with a syringe.


Do not spill brake fluid on the vehicle, it may damage the paint; if brake fluid does contact the paint, wash it off immediately with water.

  1. Remove the wheel & tire.
  2. Remove the brake hose clip (A).
  3. Loosen the tube flare nut (B) and then remove the tube.

Tightening torque: 12.7 - 16.7 N*m (1.3 - 1.7 kgf*m, 9.4 - 12.3 lb*ft)




  1. Disconnect the brake hose from the brake caliper by loosening the bolt.

Tightening torque : 24.5 - 29.4 N*m (2.5 - 3.0 kgf*m, 18.1 - 21.7 lb*ft)






  1. Check the brake tubes for cracks, crimps and corrosion.
  2. Check the brake hoses for cracks, damage and fluid leakage.
  3. Check the brake tube flare nuts for damage and fluid leakage
  4. Check brake hose mounting bracket for crack or deformation.


  1. Installation is the reverse of removal.


Use a new washers (A) whenever installing.

  1. After filling the brake fluid in the reservoir, perform the air bleed.

    (Refer to the Brake system - "Brake Bleeding Procedure")

  2. Check the spilled brake oil.


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