KIA Niro: If you have a flat tire (with spare tire) - Kia NIRO Hybrid only

KIA Niro EV, Hybrid - Second generation - (SG2) (2021-2024) - Owner's manual / What to do in an emergency / If you have a flat tire (with spare tire) - Kia NIRO Hybrid only


 Removing and storing the spare tire

Jack and tools Jack handle Jack Wheel lug nut wrench Removing and storing the spare tire Operation Remove the luggage board cover (1). Turn the tire hold-down wing bolt counterclockwise. Store the tire in the

 Changing tires

Operation Stop the vehicle to a safe leveled place away from traffic. Turn the hazard warning flasher on. Set the parking brake. Change the gear to P and turn the vehicle off. Remove the jack, wheel lug nut wrench and the sp

 Important - use of compact spare tire

The compact spare tire is smaller than a conventional tire and is designed for temporary use only. Precautions Do not exceed 80 km/h (50 mph). Drive slowly enough to avoid all hazards. Continuous road use could result in tire failure, lo


 Using the infotainment/climate switchable controller control panel (Kia Niro EV / Hybrid )

Using the infotainment/climate switchable controller Press the button on the switchable controller to switch between infotainment system or climate control panel. Press and hold the button to select the default mode for the control panel. Switc

 Welcome system

The surroundings or the interior will be appeared when the driver approaches or exits the vehicle. Illuminating functions Door handle lamp Operation Door handle lamp will turn on for approximately 15 seconds. Operating condition(s)