KIA Niro: If you have a flat tire (with Tire Mobility Kit)


 Components of the Tire Mobility Kit

If you have a flat tire (with Tire Mobility Kit) (if equipped) Sealant bottle Compressor * The Tire Mobility Kit is stored on the sides of the luggage room or below the luggage board. The Tire Mobility Kit is not designed or intended

 Using the Tire Mobility Kit

Operation Shake the sealant bottle. Connect the filling hose onto the connector of the sealant bottle. (A) Remove the sealant bottle cap and sealant bottle holder cap and connect the bottle onto the sealant bottle holder. (B)

 Checking tire inflation pressure

Operation After driving approximately 7~10 km (4~6 miles, or approximately 10 minutes), stop the vehicle in a safe, level place. Connect the filling hose directly to the tire valve. Connect the power outlet connector. Adjust


 Front Brake

Inspection Check the pads for excessive wear, discs for run out and wear, and calipers for fluid leakage. Front brake disc thickness check Check the brake pads for wear and fade. Check the brake disc for damage and cracks. Remove all rust

 Parking brake

Check if the brake warning light ( ) appears when the vehicle is in the START or ON position. Be sure the parking brake is fully released and the brake warning light ( ) is off before driving. WARNING- (Kia Niro EV only) To reduce the ris