KIA Niro: Lamps


 Bulb replacement precautions

Turn off the vehicle at a safe place, firmly apply the side brake and take out the battery's negative (-) terminal. Use only the bulbs of the specified wattage. Lamp part malfunction due to network failure Lamp part malfunction may be cause

 Light position

Light position (Front) Head lamp - Type A Head lamp - Type B Front fog lamp Headlamp (Low) (LED type) Headlamp (Low/High) (Bulb type) Headlamp (Low/High) (LED type) Front turn signal lamp (Bulb type) Day time running lamp

 Replacing headlamp (Low beam/High beam) (Bulb type)

Operation Before turning off the vehicle, operate the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the lamp to be replaced to steer the tires toward the inside of the vehicle body. When replacing the right headlamp: operate to the


 Warning timing/ Warning volume

Warning timing A: Driving Safety Forward Safety Warning Timing Normal Late With the vehicle on, touch Settings ? Driver Assistance ? Driving Safety ? Forward Safety Warning Timing on the instrument cluster or Settings ? Vehicl

 Seat belts

Seat belts are designed to bear upon the bony structure of the body, and should be worn low across the front of the pelvis, chest and shoulders. WARNING For maximum restraint system protection, the seat belts must always be used whenever