KIA Niro: Lamps


 Bulb replacement precautions

Turn off the vehicle at a safe place, firmly apply the side brake and take out the battery's negative (-) terminal. Use only the bulbs of the specified wattage. Lamp part malfunction due to network failure Lamp part malfunction may be cause

 Light position

Light position (Front) Head lamp - Type A Head lamp - Type B Front fog lamp Headlamp (Low) (LED type) Headlamp (Low/High) (Bulb type) Headlamp (Low/High) (LED type) Front turn signal lamp (Bulb type) Day time running lamp

 Replacing headlamp (Low beam/High beam) (Bulb type)

Operation Before turning off the vehicle, operate the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the lamp to be replaced to steer the tires toward the inside of the vehicle body. When replacing the right headlamp: operate to the


 Engine Control System / Description And Operation

Description If the Gasoline Engine Control system components (sensors, ECM, injector, etc.) fail, interruption to the fuel supply or failure to supply the proper amount of fuel for various engine operating conditions will result. The following

 If the engine overheats (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

INFORMATION When the temperature gauge indicates overheating, loss of power or a loud pinging, knocking noise will occur, being the engine too hot. Cooling down the vehicle Operation Stop the vehicle to a safe place. Turn the hazard warni