KIA Niro: Tire Repair procedures


Using tires and wheel other than the recommended sizes could cause unusual handling characteristics and poor vehicle control, resulting in a serious accident.

  1. Measure the tread depth of the tires.

Tread depth (limit) : 1.6 mm (0.0630 in.)

  1. If the remaining tread depth (A) is less than the limit, replace the tire.


When the tread depth of the tires is less than 1.6 mm (0.0630 in), the wear indicators (B) will appear.

Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

Checking For Pull And Wander

If the steering pulls to one side, rotate the tires according to the following wheel rotation procedure.

  1. Rotate the front right and front left tires, and perform a road test in order to confirm vehicle stability.

  1. If the steering pulls to the opposite side, rotate the front and rear tires, and perform a road test again.

  1. If the steering continues to pull to one side, rotate the front right and left tires again, and perform a road test.

  1. If the steering continues to pull to the opposite side, replace the front wheels with new ones.



  1. Remove valve core and deflate the tire.
  2. Remove the side of the tire bead area from the wheel using tire changing machine.



  • The tire bead should be broken approx. 90º from the valve side of the wheel. The bead breaker should not be set too deep.
  • Avoid tire/tool contact with the valve on dismount.
  • Dismount should end near the valve.
  1. Rotate the wheel clockwise.



  1. Apply tire soap or lubrication to the top and bottom tire beads.

  1. To fit the bottom bead, position the valve at the 5 o'clock position relative to the head on the tire changing machine.

  1. Place the tire on the rim so the bottom bead touches the edge of the rim past the valve (6 o'clock). Rotate the rim clockwise, and push down on the tire at the 3 o'clock position to fit bottom bead.

  1. After bottom bead is on tire, rotate the rim until the valve is at the 5 o'clock position relative to the head on the tire changing machine. Push down on the tire at the 3 o'clock position and rotate the rim clockwise to fit the top bead.

  1. Inflate the tire until both beads seat.

Tire presuure : 250 - 257 kPa (36 - 37 psi)

Wheel Repair procedures

Wheel Repair procedures

Hub nut tightening sequence

Tighten the hub nuts in the following sequence.

Tightening torque: 88.3 - 107.9 N*m (9.0 - 11.0 kgf*m, 65.1 - 79.6 lb*ft)



When using an impact gun, final tightening torque should be checked using a torque wrench.

Run out inspection

  1. Jack up the vehicle.
  2. Measure the wheel run-out by using a dial indicator as shown below.

  1. If measured value exceeds the standard value, replace the wheel

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