KIA Niro: Before Troubleshooting

  1. Check applicable fuses in the appropriate fuse/relay box.
  2. Check the battery for damage, state of charge, cleanliness and tight connections.

    (Refer to Engine Electrical System - "Battery")


  • Do not quick-charge a battery unless the battery ground cable has been disconnected, otherwise you will damage the alternator diodes.
  • Do not attempt to crank the engine with the battery ground cable loosely connected or you will severely damage the wiring.
  1. Check the alternator belt tension (D).

Handling Connectors

  1. Make sure the connectors are clean and have no loose wire terminals.
  2. Make sure multiple cavity connectors are packed with grease (except watertight connectors).
  3. All connectors have push-down release type locks (A).

  1. Some connectors have a clip on their side used to attach them to a mount bracket on the body or on another component. This clip has a pull type lock.
  2. Some mounted connectors cannot be disconnected unless you first release the lock and remove the connector from its mounting bracket (A).

  1. Never try to disconnect connectors by pulling on their wires; pull on the connector halves instead.
  2. Always reinstall plastic covers.

  1. Before connecting connectors, make sure the terminals (A) are in place and not bent.

  1. Check for loose retainer (A) and rubber seals (B).

  1. The backs of some connectors are packed with grease. Add grease if necessary. If the grease (A) is contaminated, replace it.

  1. Insert the connector all the way and make sure it is securely locked.
  2. Position wires so that the open end of the cover faces down.

Handling Wires And Harnesses


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